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Medical Information

U.S. Citizen Services


DISCLAIMER: The U.S. Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia, assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the medical professionals or medical facilities whose names appear on the following lists. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. Professional credentials and areas of expertise are provided directly by the medical professional or the medical facility.

MEDICAL FACILITIES AND HEALTH INFORMATION: Although many Macedonian physicians are trained to a high standard, and a number of well-equipped private clinics are available, particularly in Skopje, most public hospitals and clinics are not equipped and maintained at U.S. or Western European standards.  Basic medical supplies are usually available, but specialized treatment may not be obtainable. Travelers with previously diagnosed medical conditions may wish to consult their physician before travel.

Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water precautions and insect bite protection, may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747) or via the CDC website. For information about outbreaks of infectious diseases abroad, consult the infectious diseases section of the World Health Organization (WHO) website. The WHO website also contains additional health information for travelers, including detailed country-specific health information.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: The Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to consult their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to determine whether their policy applies overseas and whether it covers emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation. For more information, please see the medical insurance overseas page.

NOTE:  The doctors and establishments below establish their own fees, and generally will not settle fee claims directly with the U.S. insurance companies.  Therefore, the American citizen patient will be expected to pay his bill at the time of treatment/consultation. The patient may thereafter present his/her paid bill to his/her U.S. insurance carrier, if any, for reimbursement.  Medicare does not reimburse its members for medical expenses incurred in Macedonia.

COMPLAINTS AGAINST FOREIGN DOCTORS:  If the services of your doctors prove unsatisfactory, you may address your complaints to the Macedonian Chamber of Medicine, located at Partizanski Odredi St. No. 3 in Skopje, tel: (02) 3239-060;  We would appreciate receiving copies of any such complaints.

In case of emergency, the ambulance service can be reached by dialing 194.



Re-Medika General Hospital                                                              Phone:  (+389-2) 2603 100                                                                      XVI Makedonska Brigada St. No.18, Zelezara  

State University Hospital                                                                    Phone: (+389-2) 3147-147Poison Control: (+389-2) 3147-635        Trauma Center-Emergency Room (+389-2) 3147-239                   Vodnjanska St. No. 17

City General Hospital “8 Septemvri”
Phone: (+389-2) 3087-400                                                               Pariska St. b.b.                                           

City Hospital
Phone: (+389-2) 3235-000                                                                      11 Oktomvri St. No. 53

Institute for Respiratory Diseases in Children-Kozle                            Nas. Kozle, b.b.                                                                                    Phone: (+389-2) 3085-761                               

Special Hospital for Surgical Diseases and Cardiosurgery “Filip II”                                                                                                      Phone: (+389-2) 3091-500                                                              Ilindenska St., b.b.                         

Clinical Hospital “Acibadem Sistina”                                              Phone: (+389-2) 3099-500                                                                   Skupi 5A                                                     


Replek                                                                                   Headquarters: Kozle St. 188                                                               Phone: (+389-2) 3081-343                                                            Numerous pharmacies around town.                        

Zegin                                                                       Numerous pharmacies around town. 2 Zegin pharmacies are open 24/7:

MNT (in the basement of the Macedonian National Theatre)           Bitpazarska St.                                                                                    Phone: (+389-2) 3136-280

BUNJAKOVEC                                                                                           Bul. Partizanski Odredi 25-1/35                                                          Phone: (+389-2) 3175-181


Clinic of Cardiology and Internal Medicine ATIK COR                                                                                                          Dr. Naumovski, cardiologist
Dr. Karanfilski, thyroid specialist                                                           Dr.Maja Suslevska (specialist in internal medicine)                               Nikola Trimpare St. No. 3
Phone: (+389-2) 3110-341; 3228-213                                               Mobile: (+389 71) 382 117                                                                       E-mail:

Center for Internal Diseases “SRCE”                                                      Dr. Goran Nikolov, specialist in internal medicine, cardiologist                                                                                               Dr. Maja Dimitrovska, resident in internal medicine                             Drenak St. No.6
Phone: (+389-2) 3217-018; 3217-016                                               Mobile: (+389-70) 260958                                                                          E-mail:                        


Dental Center “Dr. T. Karakamchev”                                               Kliment Ohridski 15
Phone: (+389-2) 3226-733                                                                     Cell phone: (+389) 70-351-735                                                                 E-mail:    

Dental Clinic “KRUNA MS”                                                                    City Shopping Centre                                                                               Kej 13 Noemvri, Tower 2, Floor 2                                                          Phone: (+389-2) 3166919                                                                        E-mail:                       

Prof. Dr. Slave Naumovski, Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery          Dr. Radmila Dimovska, DDS, MSc. Specialist in Orthodontics and Laser Dentistry                                                                                              Mobile: 070-275-350                                                                                 Dr. Jordan Stojanoski, DDS, Specialist in Dental Prosthetics                Mobile: 070-206-278                                                                                 Dr. Sergej Naumovski, DDS, Doctor of Dentistry                                  Mobile: 070 384 726


Private Clinic “DERMA MEDIKA”                                                            Dr. Petar Pesik                                                                                      Prim. Dr. Nebojsa Pesik                                                                      Maksim Gorki 8                                                                                    Phone: (+389-2) 3113-115; 3113117                                                        E-mail:                

Private Dermatology Clinic “Dr. Svetlana”                                                                                                    Dr. Svetlana Kostic-Petrusevska                                                                11 Oktomvri St. 16/29
Phone: (+389-2) 3120-207                                                                         E-mail:                   


Dr. Nikolica CEKIC                                                                                  Dr. Nikolica Cekic – ENT specialist                                                              Dr. Biljana Bundevska – ENT specialist                                                 Blvd. III Makedonska brigada 31-2/4                                              Phone: (+389-2) 2464-160                                                           Mobile: (+389) 70-720-940; 075-405-765; 070-958-515                E-mail:;

Private Practice “Primarius DR. MARY”                                                Dr. Merzuka Aleksandrova, aka Dr. Mary                                                 Gjorce Petrov B1/1-13                                                                            Porta Vlae                                                                                         Phone: (+389-2) 2032-379                                                                 Mobile: 070-910-332                                                                                  E-mail:                                         


“KINETICUS” –Sports Medicine & Exercise Science                               Dr. Eli Handziska                                                                                       Dr. Zoran Handziski                                                                              Elisie Popovski 31                                                                              Phone: (+389-2) 3101-201                                                                  Mobile: 071-218-255; 071-227-303                                                          E-mail:; 

REHAMEDIKA                                                                                           Dr. Zoran Dimovski                                                                                  Dr. Anica Hadzi Petruseva-Jankievic                                                     Bul. Oktomvriska revolucija 16                                                                    In the Hotel Aleksandar Palace complex                                              Phone: (+389-2) 3064-794                                                                        E-mail:; 

Dr. Slavica Stojanova                                                                    Naroden Front 23/2-12                                                                       Phone: (+389-2) 3113-790                                                                 Mobile: 070-219-066                                                                                 E-mail:


Re-Medika General Hospital                                                      Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics                                     Phone:  (+389-2) 2603 100                                                                    XVI Makedonska Brigada St. No.18, Zelezara     

Clinical Hospital “Acibadem Sistina”                                             Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics                                      Phone: (+389-2) 3099-500                                                                    Skupi St. 5A                                                  

University Clinical Center                                                           Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics                                       Phone: (+389-2) 3147-701; 3163-408                                     Vodnjanska, b.b.

INA Obstetrics and Gynecology                                                               Dr. Katerina Stankova Ninova                                                                     8 Mart St. 18                                                                                     Phone: (+389-2) 3116-020                                                                Mobile: (+389-70) 227-887                                                                       E-mail:                                                    


Dr. Karmen Cekic Dimovska                                                                Blvd. III Makedonska brigada 31-2/4                                                Phone: (+389-2) 2464-160                                                               Mobile: 070-958-515                                                                                 E-mail:

Dr. Marina Pop-Lazarova                                                                        Re-Medika Hospital                                                                                 XVI Makedonska Brigada St. No.18, Zelezara                                    Phone:  (+389-2) 2603 100                                                                Mobile: (+389-72) 443-113                                                                         E-mail:          


Eye Center “VIZIA”                                                                                 Dr. Sasha Petrov                                                                                        Dr. Zanina Petrova                                                                                 Nikola Parapunov 27/1                                                                         Phone: (+389-2) 3092-040; 3092-030                                               Mobile: (+389-70) 070-339-164                                                                E-mail:                             


Private Clinic “ORTHOMEDIKA”                                                              Dr. Goran Vidoevski                                                                            Debarca St. 35 and Hristo Smirnenski St. 4/2                                     Phone: (+389-2) 3233-044; 3214-076                                                Mobile: (+389) 71 350-605; 070-235-138                                                 E-mail:


Adrialab - Synlab labaratory                                 

Adrialab (Company seat):                                                                 Drenak 6, 1000 Skopje,                                                                      Phone: (+389-2) 3296-926                                                                       E-mail:

Adrialab 1:                                                                                         Pariska 24, 1000 Skopje,                                                                   Phone: (+389-2) 3091-610                                                                Mobile: +389-71-257-228 – Dr. Ana Momirovska                                +389-71-257-223 – Dr. Danica Cvetkovic                                                  E-mail:

Adrialab 2:                                                                                           Marsal Tito 132, 7000 Bitola,                                                             Phone: (+389-47) 231-677                                                                         E-mail:

Adrialab 3:                                                                                      Krusevska Republika 345/1, 1200 Tetovo                                          Phone: (+389-44) 338-989                                                                        E-mail:

Note: Adrialab is part of a German chain of laboratories Synlab. It offers a wide range of laboratory services (over 4000 tests) which are performed in accredited laboratories abroad.

Avicena Laboratory                                                                           Sharski Odredi 7                                                                                  Phone: (+389-2) 3179-001                                                                         E-mail:                            



Hospital “PLODNOST”                                                                    Private hospital for gynecology and obstetrics                                   IVF Center for assisted human reproduction                                          Dr. Tase Trpcevski
Lavcanski Pat, b.b.                                                                             Phone: (+389-47) 208-881                                                                        E-mail:                     



“PZU ZAHARIEVSKI”                                                                       Specialist practice for obstetrics and gynecology with biochemical laboratory                                                                                                  Dr. Ivo Zaharievski
Bul. Turisticka 22
Phone: (+389-46) 263-312, 230-235                                                    Mobile: (+389-70) 232-100



PZU Dr. Stojna Nadzakova                                                        Partizanska. b.b. Lamela A                                                                   Office: (+389-32) 387-878


Dr. Vlatko Mitasev
Straso Pindzur 32
Phone: (+389-32) 388-000                                                                Mobile: (389) 70-210-710                                                                           E-mail:  


PZU “Ortodent”                                                                                      Dr. Julijana Doneva
Dr. Slavica Mitevska
Vanco Prke 16/3
Office: (+389-32) 389-777                                                                 Mobile: (+389-70) 210-700

GYNECOLOGY                                                                                             Policlinic “Dr. ORGANDZISKI”                                                                 In Vitro Center                                                                                        Prim. Dr. Vanco Organdziski                                                              Pirinska 104 A                                                                                      Office: (+389-32) 393-757                                                                  Mobile: 070-368-761                                                                                   E-mail:                  


  • Monday through Friday from 2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. by appointment, except on U.S. and Macedonian holidays

    Tel: (02) 310 2000
    Fax: (02) 310 2299